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The fastest way to measure translation quality online

Whether you evaluate a new test translation, send a reviewer's feedback to a translator, fill in an error categorization form for your client ... you may supercharge these tasks with LinQ



How can a Language Service Provider improve translation quality by measuring it?



When translators understand the “rules” of how their job is evaluated, know the type of errors and its severity, they are more responsible

Translators regularly receive feedback from reviewers which serves as a continuous learning


Reviewers do not correct the same errors again and again saving the turnaround time


Disputes between translators and reviewers  on the issues are constructive

Project managers know the super stars and the outsiders among their pool of translators

Project managers know the reviewers who try to objectively perform the task and those who tend to overdo with critisizing the translator’s work


(from a project manager’s perspective)

1. Launch a project

Create a project, set up a quality threshold and sample size. Assign your linguists: a reviewer and a translator. When you launch the project the reviewer will get a notification to start the evaluation task.

2. Behind the scenes

The reviewer’s job is to spot any errors, select the error category, assign its severity & comment it. At the end the reviewer provides the general evaluation for the given translation. Now it’s the translator’s turn to accept or dispute changes. No worries, your linguists names are blinded.

3. Pass or fail?

Get a summary by email with score & reviewer’s general feedback. Log in to see more details or manage disputed corrections. Keep all your LQA projects in a one place, analyse & improve your translation quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the tool generate any error-based reports?

This tool does not perform any automatic check of the text and does not generate any error-based reports. It is reviewer’s task to log the errors into the project, categorise them and then you’ll be able to see the translation quality score.

On what basis the tool does its calculations?

LinQ is based on Multidimensional Quality Methodologies (MQM) error typology and contains a MQM formula.

How the quality check is performed?

Quality check is performed by your linguists. This tool is designed to help translation companies perform translation quality evaluation tasks (aka language quality inspection or translation quality assessment). This is not an automatic quality assurance tool.

Can I use this tool to evaluate machine translation?

No, this tool is designed for quality assessment of human translations. The workflow of the tool includes the step when the original translator accepts or declines the corrections of the reviewer and provides comments on it.

For what purposes can I use the tool?

The tool is ideal for the scenarios as follows:

  • evaluation of test translations of potential translation vendors
  • routine quality evaluation of translations after Editing step in TEP process
  • categorisation of errors after client’s feedback

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